Other companies hide their charges, so you pay more... in time or because of the length of your hair.

Agent Lice Removal charges $75 per person. That's all. Professional lice treatment for less.

If you're a family of four, we'll even throw in a comb to take home with you ($30 value).

At Agent Lice Removal, we offer a home based alternative to the the higher costs of the large franchised companies. You're under enough stress while dealing with head lice, and extra costs are not going to help. It's simple. We take care of the problem and you know the costs. We'll offer you tips on how to clean and protect your home, and you will leave knowing someone cares.

Come and be treated – fairly, efficiently and professionally.

Meet Christina


Christina has been in the lice removal industry for over 9 years now and has successfully treated and eradicated lice for thousands of people. She has a clean and friendly home based clinic that can easily accommodate a full family at once. She is thorough in her explanation and will gladly give you advice as to how to treat and get rid of any potential lice in your home.



Don't just take my word about how great we are. Read what our clients have to say about our lice treatment service, below and on Facebook!

Hello everyone considering Agent Lice Removal Services!

Let me tell you that Christina was AMAZING! She was smart, professional, helpful and very friendly. I’m a single mom whose child came up with a case of head lice. Sure I can check her head but I have no one to check mine. Christina was wiling and able to give me a last minute appointment where she did a VERY thorough head check/ treatment. Her place was easy to find, clean, and she was truly an expert at finding and removing all lice and as near as we can tell ALL nits. I’ll be returning if we get a lice problem again but in the meantime I’ll recommend her to all who ask. Don’t hesitate – she’s a true blessing!


Omg! I had such an amazing experience. I was at my wits end with combing through my daughter’s hair. She was super sweet, thorough, and reassuring. Great sense of humor too 😉 Her work space was clean and child friendly. The kids felt at home and were comfortable. Very professional! Highly, highly recommend!!!


Christina is so quick, but efficient. I brought my girls to see her today after finding nits in my daughter’s hair. She was so reassuring and calm, but also very informative and kind. She helped me to feel much more confident and less overwhelmed by the whole ‘lice thing’. And her pricing is so much better than other similar services out there!


My family has needed Agent Lice Removal multiple times and each time has been a great experience. The attention to detail and knowing we’d be taken care of was so reassuring. I don’t worry at all anymore knowing they are there if I need them.


Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! As soon as I suspected something I called, was offered an appointment within the hour and was completely nit free before bed that same night. Christina is a darling and an absolute expert, she will take the best care of you and your whole family, and teach you exactly how to avoid seeing her ever again. She’s my hero 😃!


Worth every penny. Christina is awesome. I cannot say enough good things – she truly saved me. My daughter came home from daycare with head lice just two weeks after I gave birth to our second baby which came three weeks early. So this was the last thing I needed. Really though is there ever a good time for lice. After struggling for two weeks with lice in my toddler which then spread to myself and husband. I remembered a co-worker had gone to see Christina so I asked her for the number. Christina to the rescue.

My young daughter was nervous but she quickly put her at ease. She even checked my four week olds hair at no cost since I had found a bug on her. Christina not only helped us clear the lice from our heads but also gave us lots of tips for cleaning the house. After seeing Christina we were finally lice free. She really knows her stuff and I highly recommend her to everyone. I have already sent my friend to see her when her daughters came home with lice.


Christina is amazing! My kids love her and she gets the job done so quickly and efficiently! Best service around, price, location and personality!!!


Amazing service. She treated my whole family. Christina takes pride in her work and it really shows. I will be recommending Agent Lice Removal Services to anyone who needs it.


My daughter came home from school on two separate occasions with lice. We did home treatments which were painstaking and inefficient. After recently finding nits in her hair yet again, we decided to contact agent lice removal. Christina fit us in same day. Her home studio was clean, she was extremely professional and made my children feel comfortable. She is extremely knowledgeable on lice, their life cycle, signs and symptoms of infestation, preventative measures and most importantly their effective removal and extermination. In one hour she treated my affected daughter and checked both myself and my other daughter for lice and their nits, which was but a fraction of the time it initially took me to perform the treatment myself (well in excess of an hour to do half her head!) Her services are invaluable and cost effective. I would recommend agent lice removal services to anyone struggling with lice. I know in our families case, next time someone contracts lice, she will be our first stop. Thank you for the piece of mind!